NSS Diversified Learning Grant (DLG)

● Aims: The DLG is provided by the Education Bureau (EDB) to support the implementation of the new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum, and to support schools to offer a diversified curriculum to meet the interests of students in the NSS academic structure.

● The DLG is to support Applied Learning (ApL), Other Languages and Other Programmes which include programmes for gifted students and network programmes of NSS subjects.

● Programmes for gifted students are further structured learning opportunities provided through school-based pull-out programmes and / or off-site support that challenge the abilities of gifted students. These learning opportunities include enhancement programmes (both enrichment, i.e. breadth and extension and / or depth and pace) offered by schools / academic associations / professional bodies; credit-bearing courses especially designed and offered by tertiary institutions targeted for talented / gifted students at senior secondary level; and all programmes provided by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.

● Programmes held:

1. Cricket training

2. Study tour

3. Training course